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Welcome to the Office of Minority Business Enterprise Annual Review document portal.
1.Have your official annual review announcement letter or email available. You will need to enter the passcode found in the correspondence.
2.Determine your primary and secondary email addresses for official communication. You will be required to enter at least one email address, but may provide up to three. Future correspondence, including announcement of your annual review process in subsequent years, will be sent to these emails.
3.Prepare your document files for upload. Acceptable file formats are PDF, JPEG or JPG, and PNG. You may snap photos of single page documents using your phone, but be sure to verify that the image is clear and legible. If you are scanning your own documents, use the lowest possible resolution and turn off color scanning. File size should not exceed 20MB. Depending on the operating system of your device, files may not be selectable from a file menu. It is therefore recommended that you use a PC or MAC with Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer to upload documents.
The required documents are:
  • No Change Affidavit (NCAF)
  • Business Tax Forms (BTAX)
  • Proof of Good Standing (SDAT)
Additional documents may be required to report/support changes to the ownership and/or business structure of your firm. Please refer to the Annual Review Checklist for guidance. Upload any additional or supporting document files into the “other documents” area on the upload screen. You may exit and re-enter the portal as neccessary.
Available forms:
No Change Affidavit
Statement of Personal Net Worth